What is an online casino?

First of all, let's define what an online casino is. An online casino site represents a casino company that provides its players with entertainment and fun through casino games. Just like the physical casino, the online casino 라이브카지노 also works as a way for the player to earn money through games and bets.

Online casino companies obtain a license to operate and must pass the scrutiny of bodies and authorities responsible for approving or not their operation. After that, the site can be accessed and the user has the possibility to open an account, play games, and earn money.

In addition, all guidelines and rules (terms and conditions) need to be well defined so that no party is harmed in the event of contract termination or cash redemption, for example.

Some phrases and words used in online casinos

We will try to show here a glossary with the main expressions and terms used in the world of online casinos. This does not mean that such terms will appear on every online casino site, but it will give you an idea of ​​what to do if you want to enter the world of 라이브카지노 gaming.

Balance is the balance. The amount of money in your account to be used for online casino games;

Cashback: is a type of bonus given by the casino as a way to recover money from a possible loss (it can be cash or cash bonuses);

Deposit: when opening an account, the player must make a minimum deposit established by the casino site, before starting to play;

Jackpot: the amount that can be obtained when a big prize is rolled over.

Mobile Slot: These are slot games (slot machines) that can be played on mobile devices (cell phones, tablets, and laptops);

High roller: A player who places big money bets in games.

Free spins: these are the amounts of spins that players do not have to pay to play (in slot games);

Bankroll: also used to designate balance (account balance).

Auto spin: the system automatically bets for you;

Hand: from English HAND, refers to the cards received in a given round of the game;

House Edge: the percentage of said bet that is held by the casino;

Payout: The amount a casino pays a player on account of a win.


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