What are the main reasons for the Regulation of the Online Gaming Market?

Realizing the reasons and benefits of a regulated 라이브카지노 casino market is very important not only for security levels but also as a way to have extra tax revenue. So, in order for you to better understand what having a regulated market in online casino games will entail, pay attention now to the reasons that are leading the Federal Government to even move towards the regulation of the casino gaming market:

Greater protection for all national players

This is one of the main premises for the regulated market to really advance. Although there are still many doubts about how this objective can be achieved, the fact is that judging by what happens in other closed markets, the objective is that only operators who prove that they are providing a safe gaming session will be able to be available in that same market.

In addition, only online casinos licensed in Brazil will be legal to accept new players. Therefore, through a list that must be updated, you will always know which online casinos are licensed and which are guaranteeing complete privacy protection.

Transparency and quality in the games library

As a way for an 라이브카지노 casino to be legal in Brazil, once the market is regulated, it is foreseeable that all online casino games presented will have to, sooner or later, prove that the titles they are presenting have metrics such as RTP and RNG _ To this end, it will also be important to review which game developers are presenting these same games. 

Since most titles presented by casinos are not even their own. Also at this point, understanding the mathematics of online casino games is very important to understand what you are really betting on. 

The main reason is related to tax revenue

In addition to the security component, it is more than evident that the main reason for all this care in the regulation of the online gambling market is the expected revenue in the order of hundreds of millions of reais every year. During all this time without regulation, the truth is that the IRS has been losing real fortunes every year.

That's why this regulation will really advance, which ends up raising a series of concerns for most players. It is crucial to understand that, despite the large amount of money that foreign casinos will have to pay in taxes, on their income from Brazilian players, the truth is that those who may be most harmed may even be national players. That's because these are the expected consequences after the online gambling legislation in Brazil is advanced:

1. Fewer online casinos that are accepting Brazilian players 

2. Less relevant bonuses and promotions, as competition is lower

3. Loss of some of the biggest online casinos, which will have to get a license

4. Period when there shouldn't be many options to choose from in legal online casinos

Conclusion: what to expect from market regulation?

The answer cannot be concrete, since in some markets the acceptance of the players was very positive, while in others it was not. However, this legislation will happen (probably this year), so national players will have to, necessarily, adapt to a new reality. It remains to be seen which online casinos will move towards the national gaming license and how this license will imply the interest of these casinos in the Brazilian market.


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