Online Casino Reload Bonus

Many players think that 라이브카지노 only gives bonuses to new players, but this is not the case. Most online casinos offer 'Reload Bonuses' to players as a way to retain them and avoid the player switching to a new casino.

The 'Reload Bonus' is a bonus that the player receives after making their first deposit and receiving their welcome bonus. In most casinos, the first welcome bonus is up to 100% or more, while the 'Reload Bonus' tends to be less than 100%.

The reason why the 'Reload Bonus' tends to be lower than the welcome bonus is due to the fact that the 라이브카지노 already has the player as their customer so their offer does not have to be very tempting.

The 'Reload Bonus' is basically what online casinos do to ensure that players stay with them by continuously providing them with 'Reload Bonus' offers that are competitive with other online casinos to retain players.

Another limitation of the 'Reload Bonus' is the maximum amount of the bonus available. For example, if the casino offers a 'Reload Bonus' of 75%, they will limit it to $150 so that a player who loads their account with $500 will only get a bonus of $150.

It is important to note the limitation on this 'Reload Bonus' as the logical alternative is to spread your 'Reload Bonus' over several deposits. So the player who wanted to deposit $500 would have made the most by splitting this amount and depositing $200, $200, and $100 on three separate occasions. In this way, the player receives a bonus of $150 for every deposit of $200 and an additional $75 for the deposit of $100.

With this strategy, the player earns more than double their 'Reload Bonuses'. The total will be $375 instead of only $150 where $500 had been deposited at once.


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