Let's learn about slot machine operation


Today, I would like to talk about the operation of a slot machine called the piggy bank of a casino.

Among them, we will learn about the operation of offline and online slot machines.

Most of you probably know that offline slot machines cannot be manipulated.

you're right. Offline operation is impossible. If so, let's find out what path makes it impossible to manipulate from now on.

And, if you want to know information about where the redemption rate is high among offline slot machines, it is good to refer to the 라이브카지노 site.

◈ Offline slot machine operation

To make it easier to understand, offline slot machines will be compared to Kangwon Land.

In the case of Kangwon Land, it means the only legal casino in Korea.

Therefore, there is a law on the redemption rate for devices such as slot machines.

Therefore, there is a separate casino management system, so it cannot be arbitrarily operated.

What will happen if these management systems are violated?

You may be subject to up to a business suspension. In other words, the business suspension will result in huge losses.

Then we have to think about it to get an idea of ​​the amount of damage caused by the business suspension.

Recently, due to the Corona crisis in 2020, Kangwon Land was only partially operating.

How much will the damage be?

According to one article, Kangwon Land recorded an operating loss of 103.8 billion won in the second quarter of this year, with sales of 34.6 billion won, a decrease of 90.5% compared to the same period last year, and an operating profit of 103.8 billion won.

Even though the business was partially operated, the amount of damage is so low that you can imagine the amount of damage if the business is suspended.

To summarize, if you dare to manipulate the specified redemption rate and manipulate slot machine equipment, you may be subject to business suspension. Is there any reason to manipulate it while taking such a big blow?

Also, if you lose trust even for a single operation, you will get indescribable damage to the casino floor.

Why can't you control offline slot machines now?

In other words, you must remember that the slot machines provided by legal casinos cannot be manipulated.

And among them, the importance of legality is important.

So, can online slot machines be manipulated?

Let's find out now.

◈ Online slot machine operation

We can easily see advertisements on domestic online 라이브카지노 slot machine sites.

In addition, it is not difficult to see articles stating that slot machine manipulation is suspected in the community.

Is it because people who simply post suspicious posts are out of luck? losing money? You might think that, but what we need to think about here is the legality I mentioned earlier.

For reference, all online slot machine sites in Korea can be said to be illegal.

Illegal means that it can be interpreted as a site that can be manipulated and eaten.

Therefore, there is no casino management system that manages the above exchange rate method.

Whether they manipulate or not, they are illegal sites anyway, so it is also evidence of the counter-question that the return rate of slot machines will not be arbitrarily self-made.

Of course, modifying the program of online slot machines is not as easy as you might think.

It's not a problem that you can simply change a line or two of code.

But if you put your mind to it, you can change it enough.

These are sites that do not indicate the return rate itself in the first place.

To summarize, online slot machines can be manipulated!!

However, in the case of domestic online slot machines, which are illegal.

If you want to enjoy slot machines safely without manipulation even online, you must use slot machine sites that are within the limits of the law.

In other words, you should use the slot machines of overseas betting sites that have acquired a license.

That way, you can avoid eating and manipulating.

In the case of overseas betting sites, since it is legal abroad, the return rate of each slot machine must be accurately notified and kept.

So, if you are currently using a slot machine online or want to do it in the future, please read today's post properly and use the 라이브카지노 slot machine at a safe overseas betting site that cannot be tampered with or manipulated.

Today's post ends here. thank you for reading.


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