How the Pandemic Boosted Online Gambling Sites

Due to the exacerbated advance of COVID-19, several restrictive measures have been implemented around the world, a fact that has caused thousands of people to spend most of their time on portable electronics like laptops, tablets, and cell phones. In addition to the home office, people were also looking for new forms of fun that could be carried out at home, in complete safety and without further aggravating the coronavirus pandemic. And as a result, online games have become relevant all over the world, which has led to new discussions regarding the regulation of this sector.

In the world, the sports betting market has grown potentially, especially those with greater opportunities such as poker room, blackjack, and roulette. And it doesn't stop there, with the return of championships all over the world, sports betting was even more present.

In world, the 온라인카지노 betting market is not yet regulated, but there are already discussions in the national congress for the regulation of this sector and even that it would be close to help the country's economy. In any case, it is known that the pandemic boosted the online activity of several foreign platforms that are open to customers. Several surveys show a large increase in the 라이브카지노 gaming sector, and consequently an average increase of 24% in its revenue compared to the year 2019.

In European countries, many companies are already eyeing the exponential growth of this sector. And with that, online gaming platforms are increasingly deploying new technologies and novelties to improve the experience of all their users, such as virtual reality and facial recognition, and alternatives that can make the gambler's life easier, such as the provision of a mobile site. or its own application for smartphones so that users can be connected to the house from wherever and whenever they want.

The British company Flutter Entertainment, a betting holding company created after the merger between Betfair and Paddy Power, has shown exciting data for those who follow the sector. In its latest quarterly earnings release for the fourth quarter of 2020, the holding company segmented its annual comparisons before and after March 15, the last week that live sports became widespread. In what could then be considered the “period of interruption”, revenue from the group's online platforms saw an average increase of 15% in the UK. The Stars Group's numbers showed an even greater increase in revenue from its international division, largely made up of the Pokerstars brand. Revenue grew 44% year-on-year in March.

Thus, at the same time that the sector's entrepreneurs celebrate the growth in their revenues, many authorities are still striving to restrict the performance of casinos. Therefore, many countries are already looking for security alternatives for the use of 카지노사이트 during the pandemic period.


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