Casino payout percentages at a glance

 Calculating the winning probability that you can win at an online casino is a tricky and complicated matter. Most online gaming libraries are therefore tied to a high level of transparency and provide a range of casino statistics to help potential players with their gaming strategy .

In addition, the casino rules for calculating payouts are freely available at most online casinos - you just need to know how to look for them.

What are online casino payout percentages?

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In short, online casino payout percentages are statistics that give players an idea of ​​how likely they are to win or lose in a real money game, be it slots or table games.

This casino winning probability is also called payout percentage or return to player , because it indicates how much of the real money used in the game flows back to the online casino player on average .

The payout percentage of an online casino is usually given as a percentage. But they can also take other forms of numbers that can be useful for a variety of reasons.

Online casinos with high payout rates

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The best online casinos commission independent testing organizations such as Gaming Laboratories International (GLI) or eCOGRA or TÜV to create a monthly report on their current online casino payout ratios.

Often these publicly available test results can be viewed on the online casino website. They can usually be found via links at the bottom of the footer, in the help area or in the fairness provisions. They indicate the average win payout to all players who played a specific type of real money game during the last month.

The current payout rate of the 라이브카지노, for example, is a whopping 98.25% , which means that this 98.25 percent of the money used was paid back to the casino customers in September 2021.

This casino winning probability varies for different casino games. In baccarat, it was even 98.94 percent of the stake that 888 paid back to the players.

RTP - Return to Player

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If you want to see more detailed information about individual casino games, the Casino RTP details are helpful. They indicate the proportion of money that is returned to the players . Usually these can be found for 카지노사이트 slots , occasionally for other real money online casino games.

This also applies to slot machines in arcades and arcades online and offline. Not only online casinos indicate the RTP, but also these venues. Here you can usually see the RTP values ​​on the slot machine itself or, if necessary, ask the operator.

Casino RTPs work in a similar way to monthly payout percentages , but are calculated using simulations run through casino games rather than observing actual player activity.

Often these can be found in game catalogs from software manufacturers like NetEnt . Namely, they make documents available on their company website, in online slot reviews or on the information pages of each online casino.

Again, some온라인카지노 casino players win more and some less than this stated RTP amount. When it comes to online slots and online slots, it is also important to understand the variance of real money play . This term is often also called volatility in online gaming libraries . When massive casino jackpots pay out thousands of dollars, a few players will get back amounts of 100 percent or more , but the majority of players will get back less than average. So don't let these numbers fool you.


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