Blackjack or 21 originate from the same French ancient game Vingt-un (twenty -one). Rules in 온라인카지노 are more simplified and rougher.

Number of players

From 2 to 12 .

The pack of 52 cards. More often two mixed packs are used. Players have poker chips or counters.

In 사설카지노 there is a constant dealer. At home he may be changed. The dealer shuffles and one of the players cuts the pack. The dealer may expose a card and put it under the pack face down. Or he may put there a joker or an empty card. Ace is not declared.

Cards are dealt out one at a time starting from the player to the dealer`s left. Different methods of dealing are used. They depend on stakes and 우리카지노 betting.

1. Player bet before the deal. Then they get a card face up and a cad face down.

2. Players get cards face up, dealer gets a card face up and a card face down.


Cost: Ace - 1 or 11 by the owner`s wish; K, Q, J - 10 each; the rest of cards at face value. The objective is to get 2 or more cards, constituting 21 scores and not more. For instance, six, four and ace make 21; seven, four and ace make 12, or if the ace is equal to 11, the number will be exceeded. Ace and picture card (or ten) in first two cards are called blackjack. These cards win at once. The payment is effected immediately.

Following the initial deal, the dealer plays with each player who must stand or ask for another card, saying : I ask. He may buy in and so on. But is he sands, he can not buy in. Additional cards are dealt openly. If the additional card exceeds 21, the player should declare cards and the dealer takes away his stake. Cards are put under the pack face down. After all players remain with their own cards or overtook, the dealer declares his card. If the dealer took more than 21 he pays to the players. If he stands 21 or less, he gets payment from those who has less scores and pays to those who has more. After payments, cards are sloughed and put under the pack face down. Deal continues till the dealer gets the exposed card. Then cards are shuffled, the pack is cut and the deal continues.

A player may bet only against the dealer. Minimal and maximal stakes are fixed. Almost all stakes are in full numbers, though a player may get bonus in following figures:
One and a half of the stake for blackjack
Double stake for 21 if 5 cards are played (triple stake if 6 cards)
Triple stake for 21 out of three seven; double stake in combination 8-7-6


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