Blackjack strategy

 Even without studying mathematics, you can acquire the best  라이브카지노 blackjack strategy . With a little practice, you'll master card counting in no time .

The following article explains basic strategy , debunk blackjack myths and introduces you to some of the most popular betting systems .

Understand blackjack odds

If you study 카지노사이트 blackjack odds, you will have less trouble following blackjack strategies. Because the much-cited basic strategy does nothing other than calculate the probabilities for certain results and thus show the player the path that is most likely to lead to success .

Sometimes the odds are frighteningly close . If you have about 15 points against a dealer's jack (= 10 points), you win about 23% with a stand. Hit only lets you win 22% of the time - however 6% of hands end in a tie. Therefore, mathematically, it is always better to draw a card.
Why is math needed?

Blackjack odds are not rolled. Depending on how many points you and/or the dealer have in front of you and which cards are in the deck, the probability of a bust is sometimes higher, sometimes lower .

11 points is the blackjack player's favorite. After all, there isn't a single card you can bust with now. Conversely, the bust is guaranteed with 21 points if another card were drawn .

The basic blackjack strategy results from the laws of mathematics . This calculates the best course of action for every difficult game situation.

The house edge in blackjack

온라인카지노 Blackjack has an amazingly low house edge . If there are 6 decks in action and the dealer has to stop with a soft 17, the house edge is only 0.45% . The number of decks and the rules affect the payout percentage. For example, playing without the soft 17 rule increases the house edge by about 0.2%.

The house edge also increases when you make blackjack side bets like insurance . Take the insurance bet and the house edge is a staggering 7.7% .

Blackjack Surrender refers to blackjack games where you can surrender hands early. Late Surrender reduces the house edge by 0.07% . (Blackjack Early Surrender is rarely offered.)

Important: The house edge only applies if you play mathematically optimally . Every wrong decision will be punished. The surrender rule in particular proves to be a stumbling block: Because you are only allowed to surrender the worst blackjack hands. Otherwise, the supposed advantage will vanish into thin air.
Understand the different blackjack strategies

The blackjack basic strategy chart is the only way to minimize the house edge and keep your chances of winning. If you don't follow the basic strategy and listen to your gut feeling, you will have more losses in the long run.

In addition to the basic strategy, deployment systems have also been used for decades . With these, the risk can be controlled, but not lower the house edge .

Some betting systems - we will present some below - are classified as dangerous. In Martingale you double your bet every time you lose. The problem: losing streaks cannot be avoided . At some point you will hit the table limit. And for what? If successful, your winnings are equal to the very first bet - even though you've doubled x times.


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