The History Behind the Game of Keno

The game of Keno, like so many other 카지노사이트 games, originated in China several years ago and is now enjoyed at almost every 온라인카지노, land-based or online. It is an extremely popular game that is relatively easy to learn which is why it is enjoyed by so many around the world.

In essence, Keno is all about picking numbers and hoping your numbers hit (just like the lottery). It’s a game based purely on chance and it’s easy enough to play that literally almost anyone can. You can put all your focus into playing the game or casually eat dinner while selecting a few numbers.

Keno, according to some ancient Chinese texts, was actually created by a warlord named Cheung Leung. It is said that Leung needed funds to help his troops after citizens gave up and refused to support them themselves. So as a result, he created a lottery-style game known as “The White Pigeon Game” as, interestingly enough, birds were used to send the results of the game out across the land. And while any winners received their winnings, the rest of the money collected actually went towards building the Great Wall for China.

By the 19th century immigrants from China had brought the game to North America where it became extremely popular among communities with mixed populations. It had previously been known as the 사설카지노 Lottery until the Chinese characters were eventually replaced by English numbers, which resulted in the Keno we know and love today!


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