Operation Payback undermines online gaming

You've probably heard of the "WikiLeaks" affair, without giving it much thought. The story made the rounds on television and in the print media, and since the arrest of the site's founder, the general public can no longer ignore the issue, as it affects several types of activities on the Internet. You may have also heard of Operation Payback, which has been launched and is systematically attacking online bank accounts and as Christmas approaches, this will cause problems. But Operation Payback isn't just about internet purchases, it's also affecting online 라이브카지노. We've had clear signs of customers reporting problems making deposits at 카지노사이트.

If you have followed Operation Payback, then you are aware of the havoc it has wreaked on companies such as Visa and Mastercard. Several 온라인카지노 sites have reported an inability to process transactions over the past few days, especially those involving credit card users and those who accept PayPal as a deposit method.

Operation Payback is expected to continue the following period, which is bad news for online bettors.


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