Usavipcasinos Gaming introduces an online sharing feature in its casinos

One of the problems with online casino games is that almost all the time the action is between the player and the casino. With the growing popularity of social media, players want more interaction at online casinos. Software provider 라이브카지노 has introduced a feature called "Sharing the Excitement" at its online casinos. This feature increases the interaction between players, but not really in real-time.

One of the best times for an online casino player is when they win a big win at an online slot machine or video poker game. “Sharing the excitement” allows players to capture and share this moment. The player who wants to share his luck with others just hit the "ESC" key on his keyboard. The screenshot of the victory will be automatically stored with only the player's initials.


The player can then go to the banking section where the function can be accessed through a newly introduced tab. When this tab is clicked, the player will see their photo gallery which displays all the winnings of all players in the world. Aside from showing winning moments, players can also rate screenshots and leave comments for others.

The "Share the Enthusiasm" feature also allows players to share their winning moments at 라이브카지노 casinos with their friends who are not members of the online casinos. And this can be done in a number of ways. Players can copy and paste the URL directly and send it through email or chat windows. In addition to displaying the screenshot, players are invited to download the casino and create their own winning moments.

Screenshots can be embedded into a website using the HTML code generated by the function. The embedded image will also link to a page that displays the detail page and invites the user to browse through the screenshots and join the online casino. The feature provides players with the BB code to include an image of the screenshot in their forum posts. Image quality is maintained and the process is quick and easy.


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