Holdem poker limit

The Game Round

Game begins.

At the beginning of the 라이브카지노 game, before dealing out cards, occurs the process of forced bets. This process will be reviewed below.

Deal out cards

Each 라이브카지노 player gets two cards to face down. These cards are called "pocket cards" or "Hole cards".These cards will form a combination (poker hand) with five community cards.


PREFLOP. These situations, when there are no community cards on the table, but players have already got their own Pocket Cards. At this stage, the players do the first bets or abandon play-throw cards (fold) if they have a bad hand (bad cards).

The player can:

  • accept a bet made before. In abbreviated form - call.
  • raise stake (bet). In abbreviated form - raise, if he has a good hand (good cards). 

If you raise, the rest players can accept the bet (call), or they abandon play(fold). Then, the rates sum up in the bank (bank, pot). The next stage of the play begins. This stage - Flop.


These situations, when dealt out three community cards. There are three cards on the table with face up. Now you may form the combination of the cards, using their own pocket cards and the community cards. For instance: you have King and Jack. There are three community cards on the table - seven, nine, and Jack. Hence you have got the combination - pair Jack (pair). The second round of bets begins. You can again accept the bet (call), raise the stake(raise), or throw your cards (fold).


These situations, when dealt out four community cards. The next round of the bet.


The fifth community card appears on the table. The Last round of the bet. Whereupon, remaining players open the cards (showdown) and define who the winner is. The player with the best five-card poker hand wins the pot (bank).

The Essence of the forced bets:

Two players, left of the dealer, are called - "blinds". The player that is closer to the dealer (remember, count clockwise begins left of the dealer) is called "small blind". The player, left of "Small Blind" is called "Big Blind".

These players, before dealing out the cards, must pay in the bank(pot) some payment, which is called, accordingly: "Small Blind" and "Big Blind".

The "Small Blind" equals half of the minimum bet at the table.

The "Big Blind" equals the minimum bet at the table


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