A new variant of online roulette

The new AR is a variation of European Roulette (Single 0) that has gained popularity in land-based 라이브카지노, particularly in the UK. Leading software provider Playtech has brought this variation to 라이브카지노 through its recently released title “New AR Roulette”. In the normal roulette layout, there are four bets: red, black, even, and odd. Each of these bets covers 18 numbers. New AR bets are formed by the combination of these bets. Eight of the red numbers are even and eight of the black numbers are odd.

The first New AR bet covers all eight numbers which are red and even or 0. It is referred to as Pair + Red / 0 and it is located between even and red bets on the layout of Playtech's new roulette wheel. The other New AR bet covers the eight numbers which are black and odd and also 0. It is referred to as Even + Black / 0 and it is located between the Black and Even bets on the roulette layout. In each of the bets, if a certain color number comes out the payout is 3 to 1 and if 0 comes out the payout is 2 to 1.

This article analyzes the mathematics of New AR betting. Since the two bets are the same, an analysis of one is sufficient. The Pair + Red / 0 bet covers the nine digits 0, 12, 14, 16, 18, 30, 32, 34 and 36. There are three unique outcomes: none of these numbers comes out, a red and even number comes out and 0 comes out. It is assumed that a stake of 1 euro is made and the three different outcomes are analyzed separately.


Result 1: A certain number that is not covered by the bet. There are 28 numbers in this case. Probability of outcome = 28/37. The bet is losing. The absolute loss = 1 euro. Waiting = - (28/37) x1 = - 28/37.

Result 2: A red and even number. There are 8 numbers in this case. Probability of result = 8/37. The payout is 3 to 1. Absolute gain = 3 euros. Waiting = + (8/37) x3 = + 24/37.

Result 3: 0. There is only one number in this case. Probability of outcome = 1/37. The payout is 2 to 1. The absolute loss = 2 euros. Waiting = + (1/37) x2 = + 2/37.

The net expectation is -2/37 or -5.4%, or in other words, the house limit is 5.4%. This is double the 2.7% limit for regular European roulette bets, and even slightly more than the normal house limit for American roulette. As offered in this variant of roulette from Playtech, these bets are not worth considering. The player should place even bets on each of the nine single digits.

There are two ways in which the New AR bet can be improved and put on a par with normal bets. The easiest way is to increase the gain to 0 to 3 to 1 as well. In order to limit the house edge to 2.7%, a 9-digit block should payout 3 to 1. The other option is to cover only the eight numbers (without the 0) and offer a payout of 7. / 2. Fortunately, in roulette, it is easy to analyze bets and any new bet offered must be analyzed and judged properly, before being put into play.


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