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Some people prefer to learn things by reading a book; others find it easier to learn by observing how things work. now exclusively offers visualized baccarat instructions for those who prefer an easy way to learn the rules of baccarat. Sit back, listen, watch and learn. 

Predetermined Fixed Card Dealing Rules

A game of 사설토토 starts out with the Bank and the Player being dealt two cards each by the casinos dealer, one card at a time. If one or both the hands has a total score of 8 or 9 - called a Natural - the cards are turned and the game is finished. If both hands have 9 or 8, it's a draw.

If neither the Bank or the player has a Natural, the dealer will instruct the players on what to do according to certain predetermined rules. Because the rules are fixed and enforced by the dealer, it's possible to play baccarat without even knowing the exact rules of the game.

The player must always stand on 6 and 7 - and must draw another card if he has 1 to 5.

The Bank has to draw if his total score is from 0 to 5 if the player stands, but must always stand on 6 and 7. If the player has drawn a third card, the rules for the bank are as illustrated in the table above. also offers visual instructions, rules and tips for many other casino games. If you want to learn more about baccarat you can find more information using the menu below.

사설토토 Tip:
The best bet to make is to bet on the Bankers hand winning. The exact odds of the different bets depend on the number of decks in play. When 6 decks of cards are being used, the player bet has a house advantage of 1.24%, and the banker bet (despite the 5% commission) has an house advantage of 1.06%. The tie bet has a much worse house advantage of 14.44%. This tip is not to say that a player should never bet on the player hand - sometimes a hunch can be the best thing going for a gambler or perhaps your friend is acting as the player and you don't want to bet against him. Since the house edge is relatively similar for both bets, it is presumptuous to entirely negate the player hand wager. However - in the long run - a player should be making more bets on the banker than on the player.


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