The Bellagio

Las Vegas, one of the popular cities in the US, is popular for its luxury hotels and casinos, but only a few other 라이브카지노 can match the grandeur and glam of the Bellagio. Sierra Nevada earns the highest amount of the yearly revenue from this 라이브카지노 that is just a paradise for the gamblers. The Bellagio has been built from the scratches as it was recovered from demolishes of the Dunes, but the present look, activities, etc. hardly depicts that fact. At the same time, it is a popular tourist attraction, a famous movie shooting spot and of course one of the city's finest resorts as well.
History of Bellagio

This is the only casino in Las Vegas that won AAA diamond rating not once, but for eleven times and the entire credit goes to the Mirage Resorts Incorporation. This Steve Wynn Company purchased the demolished dunes casino and hotels in 1993 and reworked on it to develop today's world famous casino. The duos- Atlantia Design and DeRuyter Butler designed this famous casino. The company finally started construction in the year 1996 and at that time, it required 1.6 billions of US dollars to complete the construction. When the workers started building the casino, they found five bags of casino chips of the Dunes.

Bellagio opened its door to gamblers on 15 October 1998 and a grand ceremony was organized by the owners to celebrate the beginning of the journey. The owners made a fine arrangement during the grand opening ceremony to help the Ngo - Foundation Fighting Blindness. VIP guests who attended the party personally were requested to donate $1000 and those who attended as couple were asked to provide $3500.

The last upgradation was done to the Bellagio casino in the year 2011. MGI once again spent $70 million to renovate 2,500 rooms located on the main towers of the Bellagio.
Games Played In Bellagio

The Bellagio organizes a wide range of table games to entertain both the newbies and the veteran gamblers. Table games that are engaging gamblers from across the world since 1996 are:

    Three card poker
    Pai Gow
    Let it Ride and others

Among these games, Pai Gow is the intriguing game that was exported to Las Vegas from the Orient. Not chips but dominoes are required to play the games. Here the dealers start rolling the dice after shuffling the dominoes. Then they count the total number of the dice received to determine who will be the first dominoes winner.

The authorities have introduced some new casino games when the last renovation was done in the year 2011. These are:

    Club Prive
    My Life
    Race and Sports book etc

Bellagio- As a Movie Shooting Spot

The Bellagio casino came to the limelight once again in the year 2001 when the box office hit, 'Ocean Eleven' was shot in this location. After that, its sequel 'Ocean Thirteen' was also shot covering the Bellagio Fountains. The first movie that represented the fountains in brief was 'Rush Hour 2'. However, the entire Bellagio and the fountains were shown largely in the Animated Movie- Bolt where one song was shot near the fountain and many other shots covered the different other locations of the casino.
The Fountains of Bellagio

The Bellagio comes to life when the fountains start rolling in the evening. These especially choreographed fountains represent musical and lighting performances. Water fountain performances take place near the hotels of Bellagio and shown in 30 minutes interval during afternoon and in 15 minutes interval from evening 8pm till midnight. The designers create both lighting and dancing effects within the individual fountains have used four types of water nozzles. The fountain display has been choreographed on some of the most popular tracks such as "My Heart Will Go On-(From Titanic),", "Luck Be A Lady", 'Viva Las Vegas" etc. The company WET designed these wonderful fountains.
The Best Attractions of Bellagio

Though it is hard to avoid the Bellagio casino addiction, but during a visit one should check the other attractive spots there. Else, you may fail to discover more of the Bellagio than the casino part. The Bellagio is also popular for the Fine Art Gallery-(Warhol Out West), for the botanical garden and the conservatory, the Fiori Do Como, etc.
The Fine Art Gallery

The gallery has been named after the popular POP artist Andy Warhol. Here you see the wide range of artistic phases covered by Andy from 1960's to 80's. It is actually an every-day-exhibition that highlights about 60 paintings, films and print sculptures by other artists. Visiting the gallery, we come to know about Andy Warhol and his masterpieces such as Dollars Signs, Cowboy and Indian, etc. in detail.

This is actually a glass sculpture painting that is located on the ceiling of a museum. The 18-feet wide ceiling of the museum is covered with hand blossomed flower glass sculpture. The popular glass sculpture artist Dale Chihuly, whose piece of glass art is now presented in the entire famous museum around the world has designed this. This famous artist has also outlined the conservatory and the Bellagio botanical garden.


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