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In it's natural form, baccarat is a game for two gamblers only - but because it's possible for everyone to bet on either the Banker or the Player it's possible for a whole crowd of gamblers to get in on the action, cards or not.

An illustration of a baccarat table. You will often find the baccarat table in a separate room or behind curtains to make it more attractive to the high rollers and to give the game a more exclusive atmosphere. This baccarat table has seats for 14 players. The dealer who is in charge of the game is placed beside number 1 - the other two casino dealers handles bets and pay everyone their winnings. Furthermore these two dealers are responsible for keeping track of the casinos 5% commission on winning bets on the Banker. This is done by placing chips on the small numbers 1 to 15 on the table 사설토토. The 5% commission is first due when a player wants to leave the table - It is done this way because this makes the baccarat game run smother. On a baccarat table there is also a spot for the Bankers hand and a spot for the Players hand.


Baccarat Rules - Part 2

In the 사설토토, one of the gamblers will act as the Banker and one of the gamblers will act as the Player - while the casinos dealer only hands out the cards and makes sure the rules of baccarat are followed correctly. The casino do not win on the game itself - but they normally take a small commission on a banker bet that wins. Normally the commission is 5%.

Note that the gambler acting as the Banker is not financially responsible for the Bank. He only acts as the Banker - and he is free to place bets on the player if he wishes to do so. All decisions are decided by the baccarat rules so he can not change the odds for the better or worse.

Many baccarat gamblers believe that the bet on the player is the best baccarat bet - because of the 5% commission taken by the casino on winning Banker bets. This is not correct. The best bet at the baccarat table is a bet on the Banker - even though the casino takes a 5% commission on a winning banker bet this is still the best baccarat bet.

The difference in the odds is not very big though. So if your friend is acting as he player you will not be seen as a fool if you place bets on him or her.


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