Online vs. Offine Bingo


What are some of the primary differences between playing bingo at the local parlor and trying your luck online? There's quite a few, including some advantages to online play...

Comparing Online Bingo To Brick And Mortar Venues

Online gambling has been around for about 10 years now but it's more recently that online bingo has become popular. In other articles we've looked at how to get set up at an online bingo site but in this article we compare online and offline bingo and decide which is the best bet!

Probably the biggest difference and certainly something that's a strong argument for online bingo being the best is the ease with which players can access the game. As with all real-world gambling, bingo players have to leave their house and travel to a suitable location to play bingo. None of that is required for online play and a 사설토토 can be up and running within minutes of deciding to play. There's also no concern over dress code or getting money ready to play with - a player is all set to go sitting at home in their pyjamas as long as they have a credit card, bank card or online e-account available! On a similar note, online bingo is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year unlike real-world bingo where players have to visit a club when it's open to join in the fun.

However, there's more to the game of 사설토토 than the game itself. That seems an odd statement to make, but bingo players will attest to the fact that bingo is as much about meeting friends and socializing as it is about betting and winning money. As such, people could be mistaken for thinking online gambling falls down big time here with a person sitting in front of a computer not being a particularly social activity! However, online bingo rooms have recognized the importance of social interactivity and as such much of the software online comes with built in chat rooms. These allow people to make friends and chat just as they would in a real world environment. Many chat rooms are also moderated by employees of the bingo room ensuring chat stays decent and encouraging conversation. However, these moderators also often run side chat games giving players the chance to win more bonus money - something unlikely to happen just be chatting in a real bingo hall.

Another positive difference when looking at online bingo play concerns bonus money. Land-based clubs may well have sign-up and on-going promotions. However, these are usually only worth a small amount of monetary value. Online though sign-up and on-going promotions can really boost a player's bankroll. It's not unusual to see 100% match sign-up bonuses worth up to $200 at many sites thus giving a player much more playing time for their deposit than would perhaps be available at a real bingo hall.

Finally, the actual games themselves may differ. Online players may be able to access 4, 5 or more different bingo rooms through the software thus giving them the chance to find a game that suits their tastes (in terms of prize pools, card prices, numbers of players and type of game - whether 75 or 90-ball). In the real world only one game is usually offered at each establishment thus not providing this freedom of choice to the player. Similarly, big progressive jackpots can be won online although perhaps these are not as big as some of the prizes available via linked games in the real world.

To conclude, it's hard to escape the fact that online play is different to real play. Indeed, anyone claiming they were identical would not be telling the truth. Similarly, it would be hard to accept that a player would stop playing real world bingo completely in favour of online play. However, for those that want to try out bingo from the comfort of their own home or want to have a game or two without the hassle associated with real world play, online bingo may definitely be just the ticket!


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