Online Craps

Players require a generous dose of luck as well as knowledge of betting strategies to have any luck with a game of craps. First, players must understand the rules of the game thoroughly before trying to play. Players cannot consider themselves ready to wager real money on craps even if they have read everything they could get their hands on about craps. Instead, players must spend several hours practicing in the fun mode before they can even consider shifting to real money craps. 라이브카지노 is not a complicated game, but players need hours of practice before they can call themselves craps experts.


How to Play

Beginners to 라이브카지노 cannot help but feel overwhelmed by the game. The game has plenty of rules and betting options, but with practice, players will find themselves getting comfortable with it. Players of craps must wager on the results of one roll of the dice. The person who tosses the dice on the table is called the shooter, and the results of the game depend on the total of the numbers showing on the pair of dice. In a game of craps, the shooter can win, lose, or neither win nor lose, in which case the game continues for one more round.

The shooter wagers on the game before the dice is rolled. The other players at the table can place a wide range of bets. The most popular variety of craps bet is the Pass Line Bet, in which the shooter wins 1 - 1 if the dice show seven or eleven, the shooter loses if the dice shows two, three, or twelve, and the shooter neither wins nor loses if the dice shows any number between four and ten.
How to Increase Chances of Winning

Players must avoid making proposition bets in craps because these are based on one roll of the pair of dice and have a very high house edge. In other words, these are bet varieties offered by the online casino to increase its profits. Players must also avoid placing Lay Bets because they carry a 5 percent commission for the house if won. Another variety of craps bets that carry a 5 percent cut for the house are the Buy Bets; however, they have better odds than Lay Bets. 라이브카지노 experts advice beginners to stay away from Proposition Bets, Lay Bets, and Buy Bets till they gain a lot of confidence and have learned how to mix their craps bets for maximum profit.

Field Bets have a very low house edge of 5.5 percent, which means that they are safer. Still, craps experts advise beginners to be careful while placing Field Bets as they are based on the outcome of one roll of the dice.

The friendliest and safest of craps bets are the Pass Bet, Don't Pass Bet, Come Bet, Don't Come Bet, and the Free Odds Bet, which are all associated with low house edges. One good thing about the Free Odds Bet is that casinos do not make any money on them.


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