Hitting it Rich at Intertops Casino

Bonuses are always welcome as give players extra funds to check out various games without risking their funds. Most online casinos offer ongoing bonus promotions as well as special bonus promos to their players.

Players at Intertops 라이브카지노 can check out their November bonus offer, $70,000 ‘Hitting it Rich’. The casino has decided to help out their players make some extra cash for the holiday season via this scoreboard based offer. The site plans to hold a draw and reward top 18 라이브카지노 players with Grand Prizes including a $1,000 cash prize for three players who top in their respective levels.

Participating is easy; all that players need to do is play in the Casino and accumulate as many points as possible. Players who earn more points will have a better chance of landing the cash prize. This isn’t all; the 라이브카지노 plans to give away extra prizes to players twice a week.

Every Monday 150 players will be selected based on their Thursday to Sunday game-play performance and awarded a free bonus. Similarly, every Thursday 50 players will be selected based on their Monday to Wednesday game-play and awarded a free bonus. Points are awarded at the rate of one point for $1,000 bets or $500 profit/losses.

Players can check their progress by submitting their account number and finding their position on the scoreboard. This offer is limited to players at Intertops Casino. New players who register at the site are eligible for a 100% welcome bonus up to $100. To avail this bonus, players have to use coupon code ‘SIGNUP100’ in the ‘redeem coupon’ section of the casino before making their first deposit. The site will give away a minimum bonus of $20 and a maximum bonus of $100 to newcomers who qualify.

Registering at the casino automatically gives players’ access to their Sportsbook where players can get a $20 free bet to bet on various games.

Here we will look at a major flaw in the way in which we think; in fact many psychologists believe that the human brain is wired up to think in this flawed way and that it relates to basic survival instincts dating back to pre-historic times. It relates to how sometimes we imagine there to be patterns in events when in reality there are none.

Again we will illustrate this with an example. Consider the following sequence of numbers: 4, 6, 8. This sequence is generated by a rule and your task is to decide on that rule and then choose additional number sequences and consider whether or not they conform to that rule.

Most people’s first guess is that the rule is to add 2 to the previous number and as an example will give something like 14, 16, 18 to demonstrate that they are correct.

However, in doing this they have chosen a sequence of numbers which is simply a restatement of their hypothesis. In order to test a theory (or hypothesis) is to devise a test that attempts to disprove it.

The real rule underlying the above sequence is simply any three numbers in ascending order, which is the simplest possible rule for the sequence. The tendency however is to add layers of complexity when none are necessary and by far the majority of people do it. In fact we are even encouraged to think that way in school. In many intelligence tests the question is to find the next number in the sequence with 10 being the answer that receives a tick, however any number greater than 8 is correct.

The danger in thinking in this erroneous way is that we are vulnerable to thinking that sequences exist when in reality they do not, particularly when you play online casino games such as roulette. Always seek out the simplest possible rule, and in roulette that is that every spin is a random event.


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